JUST DIVORCED! Janine Stella and Allie Severino Chat- 2nd Act Podcast

Justin Sims sits down with Janine Stella, Allie Severino and Sam Rae ( behind the camera) and talks about divorce, the excitement to Janine’s new life and crazy adventures as she finds herself again

Watch Now: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/new-years-edition-2nd-act-podcast/id1441550597?i=1000426781942

The best resources about divorce:

My name is Dani Lynn and my life truly changed on December 23, 2015 by the Grace of God and the Universe. I started using drugs and alcohol at a very young age and couldn’t point out a specific situation that happened that made me turn to drugs and alcohol as my escape from reality. I just wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and I was unsure of how to do that. I had watched many people in my life use alcohol on a daily basis and some of my closest loved ones use drugs, so I thought that was a normal thing to do. I never would have thought that once I started, it would have become such a part of my life and that it would have become so difficult to stop.

I wasn’t sure what that meant for me, or if it was possible but I was willing to go to any length to find out. I sought out help from my family, who wanted nothing to do with me until they were sure I was ready to change. My family all pulled together for me and found a really hard rehab program that was 12 Step based, that I ended up staying in for just over a year. In that year I learned how to wake up at a regular time every day, eat breakfast, attend 12 Step meetings and groups that were all based around learning how to love myself so I could become a useful person to others, we did 4 hours of outside chores every weekend (which in Arizona’s summer, isn’t easy but I was reminded; “was I willing to go to ANY length to stay sober”), and I was.

I learned how to get a job and pay my own way. I learned how to get honest with myself and others, I learned how to build a belief system, values and morals that were true and aligned with love. To me, God meant Love. Everything I wanted in life was about love. I just wanted to feel love, but in order to feel love I had to give love to others and in order to do that, I had to love myself first. I started to love myself by doing the next right thing in every aspect of my life. I worked the 12 steps of AA and started to get an understanding of myself, who I was, who I wanted to be and what I wanted in life.

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